Chicago Born, But Atlanta Made

Warner Bros next up that's blending the styles of his two hometowns

Chicago native and underground Atlanta sensation Sahbabii has just released the first single to his next expected project entitled BarNacles announced via Instagram. The single, called Double Dick, is on the way to over 200K streams in just a handful of days since its release in late March. We last heard from the talented Chicagoan Sahbabii when he starred in a feature on Trippie Redd’s A Love Letter To You Four Deluxe Edition on the track Amazing.

With huge amounts of talent and an endless abundance of resources as a label mate of Warner Records, the odds being in his favor gives him only one obvious option, to make it. All that being said, Sahbabii’s music catalog is all over the place lately. So let's discuss the wide range his discography has to offer music lovers everywhere.

His music reminds me of something straight off of Young Thug’s legendary Beautiful Thugger Girls album. The heavily auto-tuned dubbing and layering of the vocals, the sonics of the production, and music that at its core is more about how it makes you feel than it is about what Sahbabii’s trying to say. The experimental sound of his music crosses the realms of hip-hop to R&B to pop and back, all while he masquerades his own personality behind his MIdwest punk-grunge style.

At twenty-three years old, Sahbabii has been making music for a while, roughly since 2015 when he released his first track Rules. Two projects later with S.A.N.D.A.S. being his first back in 2017 both were home to a few hits, but none bigger than  “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick” ft. Loso Loaded which reached nearly 40 million plays.

What worked early on for Sahbabii was recycling lyrics (with his own original, unique spin on them) from 21 Savage’s mainstream hit red opps that I think really attracted people to this break out track including “we on that slaughter gang shit” as part of the chorus. To date, the other noteworthy track in his early music catalog was Purple Ape ft. 4orever, which hit thirteen and a half million plays respectively.

Squidtastic, Sahbabii’s second project, really showcased much more singing and vocals, thought out and refined skills, and an overall more complete and meaningful body of work than his debut. The numbers were there to back up his growth and evolution too among his ever increasing fan base as almost all of the tracks garnered more than a few million plays, all while once again having no major features.

Sahbabii combines I feel an authentic Atlanta rap style that fits with the YSL styled guys but also has the singing and edits of a Chicago voice similar to the underground sound going on of those like Hurt Everybody’s Supa BWE. The music isn’t your average ‘run of the mill’ typical sad boy sound that’s going on everywhere in the industry right now and I’m hard pressed to find a song by Sahbabii that sounds like anything else out right now. Surely, growing up in two parts of the country (in Atlanta and Chicago) with such diverse music backgrounds has allowed him to carve out such a particular, niche sound that his listeners love.

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