West Orlando Rapper Releases New Single '3am'

After over a year since his last release, CHG Glo shows massive potential in his evolved sound

CHG Glo is Orlando’s absolute, top tier display of underground trap rap. And with the release of his newest single 3am, fans and listeners should expect a new and improved Glo from here on out. After spending over an entire year since his debut project released in April of 2019, establishing his own sound and unique vibe in the purest way in all of his songs, but especially this track, ensures this.

The song features another Orlando-Apopka area native in underground talent and frequent collaborator of Glo’s, Kutthroat. The two split verses on 3am, as the beginning opens with a light horn back and forth before then quickly switching to a dark, island vibe melody before the 808’s and snare take over with Glo diving head first into the beat. He raps in his often melancholic, edgy voice that “it’s 3am we out and we lurking” introducing the chorus and following it with many more bars to come. What takes place to come when the beat does drop is nothing short of a trap rap masterpiece and Glo’s greatest work to date, a massive uptick in quality since we heard from him last.

The energetic voice that we’ve all come to know and love on tracks like Ape$hit and Kowabunga takes over the beat as the West Orlando native shows off his second to none lyrical capability rapping “I keep bout 33, so I’m feeling like Scottie, might catch me a body little bitch,” as goes off in enlightening the world about just how serious he is about his grind telling that “lil bitch stop wasting my time” if she “ain’t go ride lil bitch then slide.”

Overall, Glo’s track is relatively short lived in just over two minutes in length but gives a definite glimpse of what’s to come. Having seen his debut tape do combined numbers on all streaming platforms of over 50K to date, it would be no surprise to see this lead single for his next tape shatter the numbers of his entire discography all by itself.

What’s unique about this former Wekiva High School basketball player turned talented music artist is that in this early stage of his career, rarely does one show this much promise, diversity, and knowledge into what they’re doing with their sound. Showing what the benefits of hard work, dedication, and patience can bring you as you start to put the pieces together now it’s just time for CHG Glo to simply reap what he’s sewed. Not only does he seem to see the bigger picture, but he’s dead set on seizing his moment and never looking back. Expect so much more music and a major uptick in buzz and notoriety for the 407 product in the second half of 2020.

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