Orlando's Chelsea Garden Seeing Early Success with More to Come

A perfect harmony of where genres intertwine, Chelsea Garden has got something to prove

Exploring the outskirt boundaries of where genres collide, four young party-starters have begun to turn heads towards their direction by embellishing their alternative, pop, and indie creation named Chelsea Garden. The band, composed of writers Ethan Fields and Blaine Ruth alongside bassist Zach Jackson and drummer Ashton Fields, first started music production in 2017 and quickly gained a following on SoundCloud as well as open venues in downtown Orlando, FL. After rapidly realizing each individual’s niche, Chelsea Garden was quick to combine Ruth’s sub-indie lyricism with Field’s interests in synth-based pop music, alongside infectious drums and bass. While gaining some momentum and transitioning from open mic night’s to sampling and production, it came time for half the group to enroll in university & causing a pause amongst the creation.


Wickedly, they’re proud to have overcame group separation by releasing their first ever EP, Poster Children, in early 2020. On top of this EP, two other singles have been released recently on Spotify – Friends and (407)-254-2573. The latest release, (407)-254-2573, comes from a place of unity alongside the BLM Movement and takes a knee alongside all of those fighting for change in this critical time in our nation’s history. Taking a personal break, Chelsea Garden has all streaming and download revenue from this release sent directly in support to BLM, the ACLU, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, as well as the Bail Project.

Although we haven’t seen an abundance of releases on Spotify, a better feel for the blend of alternative and indie works are posted all throughout Soundcloud. Chelsea Garden truly kept it thematically casual by not making every song in reference to the same reasoning – which many argue is a phenomenal thing to achieve in the alternative genre. However, skipping the track list from Space Tourist to Portland, ME can make you go from wanting to take a two-door coupe down Sunset Blvd to missing your ex really quick.

Our inside-man at Florida State University, a member of the band Elevator Operators, has done some collaborative production with Chelsea Garden and ensured us that these guys are here to make an impact on the alt x indie genre and to expect the stream count to steadily rise in months to come. Whether their next hit drops as part of an album or another EP, that’s still up in the air; However, we do know that these guys have only just begun – and good things come to those who wait.


Don’t wait up and go check them out on SoundCloud and Spotify, as well as Instagram @chelseagarden – And always, tune back to us here at @engmtcent on all social media platforms for the freshest new artists in game right now!