Charlotte's Next To Blow Drill Rapper

One of Charlotte's underground gems starting to gain steam

One of Charlotte, North Carolina’s rising stars 10cellphones has been making noise and proving he’s capable of creating a hit out of any beat thrown his way. Since his first song “Luv My Clip”  10cellphones has quality in both his sound and lyrics that really sticks out. Starting by diving into his debut track entitled Luv My Clip the Charlotte native says that he “can never love a bitch, I only love my 30 clip.”

A very simple melody yet catchy and well done this track is especially good for 2017’s quality and aesthetic style. Flash forward to present day 2020 and now he’s slowly becoming one of the more distinguished, among the few, hard drill rappers in Charlotte.

Not to disregard Charlotte’s underground scene but there isn’t too much mainstream flying around North Carolina anyway outside of the Billion Dollar Baby and recent TikTok phenom StaySolidRocky. 10cellphones is a promising up and comer that can change this trend.

If you take the time to listen to his music instead of just skimming or skipping through you’ll see why. The diversity between tracks, overall versatility in his delivery, and ability to carry out totally different moods or tones is rare in the current industry landscape and often those who can do what 10cellphones do end up long term being huge artists. 10cellphones displays this gift awfully early, catching a 21 Savage vibe with an added layer of substance.

His latest appearance on the single Run Off where he features for Foreign Jay has reached 50k plays in just a matter of a few weeks. The track definitely deserves a good amount of credit to Jay, an underground rapper from Cleveland, OH, and legendary producer Dommy Divine. But adding cellphones to this mix is what really puts his fun collaboration over the top.

The trio’s chemistry is undeniable and as music fans we can only hope and expect to get more from these rising stars. Just a few days later, Cellphones followed up the feature with the track Blicky which released in early May. The song has 10 at his best. Deep, quiet, and suspense-fully hypnotizing listeners over a very modern, dark instrumental. In less than 2 minutes he leaves you feeling like a king yourself. He’s “got your hoe on my line I ignore that shit” where instead she can “Catch me in New York with a foreign bitch, I like her ass she gave me a tour of it.” 10cellphones certainly has much more slept on pieces of work in his discography, but for now we’ll leave you with some of the best and allow you to dive in on your own at home.

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