Calcium Reloads the Bass Cannon for 2021 Festivals

Fresh off an EP release, 2021 is looking harder and heavier already thanks to Calcium!

        Entering the riddim and dubstep dimension just three years ago, one Houston-based DJ and producer has become an authoritative puppetmaster of the mosh pit. Taking on the signature of Calcium, the young artist has been on an unrestricted path to dominating crowds with melodic elemental dubstep, mixed in with unfathomable intros and bass release. With his most popular projects, such as F.W.Y.S.Break This Down, or Mega Punch having memorable neck breaking bass patterns and intro synthesized builds, his club shows and festival sets have fans and railriders alike in the air before any bass cannon even fires. Playing alongside other riddim artists such as Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Dion Timmer, and PEEKABOO, Calcium has rapidly slid his way towards the top of festival lineups.

        Arguably, the most impressive aspect of the projects released so far has been the consistent improvement between each and every single or EP release, assuring his hard work to be idiosyncratic amongst the riddim and dubstep community. Going back to 2018 for Calcium’s To The Bone three part release, similarities can be drawn between Ballin’ and Extra VIP in terms of how heavy each release is, the synth samples used - as well as how well they’re embedded into each track. However, jumping forward two years to the 2020 release of Deathwish or Bioweapon, it’s unmistakable that much more work went into each introduction per each track, as well as incorporation of where and when to drop Calcium’s signature bass sound. While 2018 Calcium had his fans throwing ‘bows in the pit, 2020/2021 Calcium leaves true riddim fans stuck in permanent bass face.

        On track to play Big Dub Festival in late July - early August, Calcium is just as excited to get back to live music as all his fans and festival lovers are. Playing alongside names such as Kompany, The Widdler, and Subdocta, Calcium’s set is going to attract railriders from all across the nation. Fresh off of a remix for F.W.Y.S., as well as a four-part release of his Dissolve EP, every festival he’s set to play for the rest of 2021 just got a lot heavier. Maintaining absurdly trancing skull and bones visuals, a Calcium set is not one to miss. Stream Dissolve EP on any major platform and go check out @calciumdubs on Twitter and Instagram for show dates and release announcements - as well as us over at Enigmatic for more artist alerts, producer interviews, and next week’s playlists!