Brooklyn R&B Rapper Takes Her City By Storm

With many more projects underway - we've only seen the beginning for Alex Mali.

Brooklyn, New York has a brand new R&B/Pop/Hip-hop star on the rise - Alex Mali. Dating back to June of 2017, her consistent work has proven to develop an incredible sound - not just one of one, but also developing her own genres she can pick and choose from on each and every track. 

On February 12 of this year, Alex dropped In Your Arms, an easy going track where she delivers with melodic lyricism and thoughtful singing over a chill beat. Alex Mali sings she’d rather lay in your arms instead, she’d rather remain in bed. Asking her love to forget the world, why do anything other than eat good on a Saturday and lay in bed? Hopefully, this provided a crazy glimpse of what we’ll potentially hear more of from her this year.

The dependable famous green hair has been the center of most of her great projects. The Phenom EP, having dropped Summer of 2020, contained 6 songs you almost couldn’t identify as being within the same project due to the insane diversity between tracks. 

Good Good, track number four off the project, was the biggest track by far, in which Alex Mali tells you to fall in love with her. She goes on to sing how she can feel it in her lungs, body, water and practically everything that’s present. Overall, Alex Mali is explaining how good good she feels about her new found love.

5 star the second to newest track we’ve received that dropped just last December that just can’t be skipped. Alex raps about being told someone wants a 5 star chick so she notices the ice on her wrist and becomes sure they want some of this. All this comes in over a steady guitar strum with basic kicks and snares, meaning if you listened to the instrumental first you wouldn’t expect what Alex did to it, as usual.

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