Birmingham's Young MC with Through the Roof Potential

Breaking down the latest from one of Alabama's finest young artists

GBF DADA, a talented rapper out of Birmingham, Alabama has been making noise early in 2020 thanks to a combined style that borrows influence from Lil Baby’s versatility mixed with Kodak’s catchy, rhythmic melodies with a scratchier monotone sound. Starting with a very small following for himself, highlighted by just one track stretching to nearly2 million plays, GBF has been generating a bit of hype by himself as well as collaborating with his GBF cohort in GBF King. The two collaborated on their first project 2 Lane Road: To Glory, which features several songs well into the tens of thousands of plays. We’re here to breakdown the one that really caught our eye though entitled War Ready for you. 


The slow, intimate guitar strumming in the background introduces a deep feeling out the gate and let’s us expect a certain authenticity or realness the moment we press play. DADA opens up with “Tell that bitch that I'm ready, war ready” repeating and layering those last words as if to let them sit with his listeners, sinking into you. Detailing his hard knock and tough upbringing from family life, to the streets, and more in his first verse with storytelling on par with the likes of a Rod Wave it's not hard to find yourself attached to the emotion of what he’s sharing. With the cherry on top being the hook as he states “no soul” will be able to take what’s his asDADA is “the chosen one, I’m the chosen one.”


DADA takes middle of the song to express some deeper stuff about people “switching lanes” on him and expresses to deal with that there will be a “bullet shower”. He was built like this, “stuck in a storm” since he was “young”. You really see the Lil Baby comparison later in the song, the crazy real lyrics and ability to hold a centered plot or story while making bars, to another level. It’s harder now with all the attention but his “demon see’s in my(his) flesh” more than ever. Putting feelings away to make it he’s go this  “heart locked up, no key to my(his) chest”. Going on to lead to the last and second play through of the chorus or hook. The song was done incredibly on top of the substance, this is a formula we see work time and time again that young artists can’t always understand. DADA has set himself ahead.

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