BIGBABYGUCCI Reinforces Charlotte as a Hip-Hop Capital

After the other names to recently come out of Charlotte, it's difficult to keep the fire burning... but not for BIGBABYGUCCI.

Charlotte has been creating buzz the last few years with an incredible lineup of new rappers. BIGBABYGUCCI had been making music since 2016, with a long list of material his music still continues to get better. In September he gave us his project Isolated that diversified itself on every track. With crazy 808’s and trumpet loops to slow guitar strums and many different tones from BIGBABYGUCCI. BIGBABYGUCCI’s breakthroughs are starting to follow one another the last two years. With Drop Top Lexus releasing just last august to Can’t Feel Shit in May and now seeing Isolated, it’s definitely time for people to notice. The consistency and quality of music is more than note able. Can’t Feel Shit is a feel good song where he raps about blocking out feelings where he fuck that bitch then dissapear. Calling out people saying he heard your man shop on clearance while BIGBABYGUCCI spend 1k on some earrings. Always talking bout cash if you need a loan. Just some of the bars he sprinkles in but BIGBABYGUCCI can also slow it down and saying and explain this is how he copes with everything. The new album Isolated has so many solid tracks. $700 shirt is over a crazy expanding 808 where the melody needs to be spaced out more in order to punch the harder lines. The track showcases his ability to change up pace throughout the song. Pink Matter has an old school vibe where he opens up singing he’s just trynna swim up in her pink but it’s only been about a week. Fighting for her claiming he swear to god he ain’t better than me, and he swear that his bitch badder so he knows he’s been climbing up the ladder.  BIGBABYGUCCI has a sound that compliments the likes of Travis Scott and Playboi Carti in an interesting way. With ability to go over a wide range of beats and not just rap but sing. Isolated is one piece that represents his talents, check him out @bigbabygucci on instagram and follow us @engmtcent for more articles.