Atlanta's Newest Lyricist Takes City by Storm

Introducing Wesson Desir - Atlanta's newest hip-hop poet. #WessonWeekly

While Atlanta has been leaning away from storytelling artists, with more up and coming lyricists than ever, Wesson Desir has been dropping whatever he feels. Hip Hop has taken a strong turn with new trend setters popping up everyday, while few still lie heavy on lyricism to do the heavy lifting - however, Wesson Desir is one that does so artisanally. Wesson dropped Apollo Archives in October of 2020, his debut album backed by RCA Records, which really got the ball rolling.

Wesson Desir dropped .22 originally in May, just five months prior to the album, the track has received nearly eight hundred thousand streams. On the track, he dives into being broke “in 2019” but he’s manifested that “the world is a product of” his “design”. Now he says to “look at what time it is” cause he’s “got a flight to bermuda at 5:06”. Overall, Wesson explains how much life has changed from his own work and reminisces on how hard life once was, although some troubles still appear present.

Zeus, a single over a much more trap beat with much more authenticity, is where Wesson opens asking “what is this, that Wesson weekly?”. Then - he dives in to explain looking “down and my(his) thunder prada laces yeah they lose”. Going on to warn “listen, I’ll be big real soon, fuck me in advance”, Wesson mentions how he used to be “a humble lad” but this “ego” got “built up from scratch” -  now he’s “stacking bread up, yay high, selling mumble rap”, which is so obviously not the case with this lyricism.

The whole album showcases a wild display of wordplay. Twenty six minutes on nine tracks with only one feature, jagonte out of Rochester, New York. The two body Dreamville vibe type beat, singing and rapping really connects the work as a whole off of the designer drip life on track no.8 Suicoke.

Go stream Apollo Archives and follow @wessondesir make sure to check us out @engmtcent for what’s next!