Atlanta's DB Omerta Rising the Charts in Rags to Riches Story

Flexing impressive lyricism and his own drip in the process, the Atlantic Records signee capitalizing on big 2020

Fresh off dropping his first album, TheOneTheyDoubted, DB Omerta is rapidly gaining a following not only in his hometown of Atlanta, GA, but also nationwide. Having signed to Atlantic Records this year, Omerta has begun publishing visuals for his tracks, specifically “How I’m Feeling," which falls under his latest album. Most artists lately, as well as seen throughout history, take great pride in repping the hometown, but not DB. Whether this be to grow a bigger following, or just not to be categorized with all the other dreamers coming out of Atlanta, we’re unsure. However, we do know that DB Omerta is nowhere near those Soundcloud rappers & he’s out to hit his mark.


Having begun his early career with a great start, featuring on Kodak Black’s single Zombie, which ironically fits perfect with this time of year, he gathered thousands of early listeners right away. His vocal range fits him in perfectly with the latest boom in rappers, as categorized in XXL’s 2020 Cypher, while working with established producers such as Jetson Made. Mid July is right when DB began focusing on pairing visuals with his music, having been gathering a bigger following throughout the last couple months.


His lyricism flows and makes sure to crash, but only in the best ways possible, really engaging with his following throughout each track of TheOneTheyDoubted. Preaching stories from crawling out the trenches, and also telling his girls to “check out how I’m living," DB’s hitting his mark on his very own “rags to riches” story.


As we write and you read, his numbers continue to climb. We highly recommend hopping on this wave before it gets too big, and you become a mainstream listener. Go check out his published works on Spotify, as well as his IG @db_omerta for updates on new videos and released tracks. As always, slide back to Enigmatic for more updates on the latest names racking the charts!