Atlanta's Brightest Underground MC Changing the South's Rap Scene

Coming off her latest EP 'BLOOMING VOL. 1' one of Atlanta's finest underground talents is poised for big summer

Easily one of the most talented come up rappers out of Atlanta, and the only one with a kickass Sprite commercial, Kodie Shane has been on a tear to start 2020. Her latest EP BLOOMING VOL.1, just surpassing the 2 month mark since it dropped in February, has caught some attention but not as much as we believe is deserved though. We're here to change that. With just one major feature in Trippie Redd (the two collab often) there’s certainly so much to love about Kodie (and just Kodie) not just on this EP but going forward too.


Sure, we all expected a part two feature from Trippie and more features to come as she’s signed to Epic Records (a division of Sony Music Entertainment) and we are aware of so many big name teasers, one being Lil Uzi Vert, yes that Uzi. The two have teased their track, I’m So Gone, on and off for a while now. It dropped on her Soundcloud mid April however was removed quick with no explanation. Can we expect it on a potential BLOOMING VOL.2? Regardless of when, or if, we ever do get it one thing is certain. Shane’s talent is undeniable. 


           The first track is an obvious bop with Trippie on NO RAP KAP. The two go back and forth while Trippie destroys the chorus singing “No rap cap, no, seven for the jeans 2K on the toes” and other melodic bars like “Twenty for the stones, 100K for the shows” before Kodie jumps in. Opening with “Uh, my girl like girls,” then digging in a little deeper with a quick flex as she talks about the demands of girls wanting her but they “just can't be my(her) girl,” rapping that “she belong to the world.” This track is another demonstration of Kodie and Trippie creating crazy melodic collabs showcasing both of their versatile abilities in the booth. Furthermore, cementing that Kodie can work with the cream of the crop in our industry people and still create crazy shit.


           Other stand out tracks like Test Me brings me back to a 2014-2016 Dej Loaf, not just the sound but the pure talent in both lyricism and production. Some of the takeaway bars include“My girl not really a diva, She act like she one, but she really just need me,” saying she acts tough because she needs Kodie. The chorus warns haters Kodie can’t let them test” her. Proving song after song her worth since her first track Sad ft. Lil Yachty back in 2016, she has released more than ten singles, done three EP’s and three solo albums. Productive in the booth to say the least. With the last official album releasing all the wayback in 2018, if she and her label follow her usual release schedule we can hopefully get another one this year.


           Go check out @kodieshane on Instagram and follow us @engmtcent on Twitter and Instagram for more of this talented Atlanta native’s music.