Appearing Like 'Danny Phantom', One Dallas Artist Builds His Throne One Brick At A Time

Putting the spotlight back on the 'Triple D' - Grind2Hard Osh'a!

     Taking full advantage of raw emotion and hypernormal talent, Dallas, TX based artist Grind2Hard Osh’a has spent the last week celebrating the release of the cinematic accessory for his track Symphony, spurred from his explosive album ‘Pain Cobain’, released earlier in 2021. ‘Pain Cobain’ encompasses Grind2Hard’s impassioned lyrical skill set, ranging from a fervid sound in each track, while maintaining a melodic, infectious, rhythm. However, in terms of compiling a collection of versatility, the latest music video release of Symphony encompasses this the best.

     With his track of Nowhere 2 Run off of his earlier 2021 album debut ‘Wolf Talk’, Grind2Hard Osh’a has surpassed a million streams on a singular track - and we’re expecting his numbers to grow exponentially. Collectively, Osh’a has passed well into the multi-million stream count since the publications of his early projects on major streaming platforms in 2019. Major hit songs of the Dallas rapper include Crazy Mood, Danny Phantom, Nowhere 2 Run, and Can’t Trust a Soul.

     Accompanying artillery-type beats and production, there’s no doubt that what Grind2Hard Osh’a has is an absolute organic talent. Stretching from his platform in Dallas, his sound and explorative scripture has reached all corners of the country, from Chicago, to Atlanta, to Charlotte - and he’s continuously growing each and every moment. Backed up by his large following on the social media platform TikTok, roughly half a million followers, Osh’a creates his content of mostly his lyricism in and outside of the studio setting, earning him a vast amount of fan interactions and an influx of new listeners. 

     We’d highly recommend you become one of those new-found fans before he begins touring - which will be soon. Keep up to date with Grind2Hard Osh’a on his socials, @grind2hard_osha and make sure to check out his latest project, Pain Cobain. Check back in later this week to Enigmatic for more signing announcements, up and coming artists, or just to check out our mini-drop merchandise collection, released on 8/11/21 - soon to sell out!