A One-Way Ticket To Self Exploration

Welcoming you into the Family of Light - LSDREAM.

            Embodying and personifying a spiritual entity within a human life, LSDREAM pushes the restraints of emotional breakthroughs through deep-light conscious melodies and trippy bass. As his 2019 album, RENEGADES OF LIGHT, emphasizes through higher level entity samples and plugins, the music created by LSDREAM 'choses to speak to you as if you are not human – because to us, you are not. To us, you are all members of the family of light’.

           In reality, the music of LSDREAM and those similar, such as Wakaan, INZO, Liquid Stranger, Tipper, Yheti, or Toadface does not act as a placeholder for any new genre within the world that is electric dance music – but rather expands the societal acceptation through the journey of self-exploration that is LSDREAM. This alias of Sami Diament came to life after he retired his career trap project under the name Brillz, which acted as a gateway for many impressionable listeners in the early 2010’s to enter into trap music, alongside many other names such as Bro Safari and UZ.

           As if acting as a well-needed breath of fresh air, LSDREAM is afar more in depth and labyrinthically advanced project that allows Diament much more flexibility and creativity with the mid-tempo track production. While many songs take the “third eye awakening” appearance, such as ACE OF CUPS off of RENEGADES OF LIGHT, the bass has not been taken out of the question, as showcased in tracks such as HELLO HUMAN – a festival fan favorite. PSYCHEDELIC from the 2018 album VOYAGER targets the ‘dance’ portion of LSDREAM’s talent within the industry with enormous success - remaining a trippy bass track, yet composed with repetitious bass kicks for the songs entirety.

           With only one LP release so far throughout 2021, accompanying a solid touring schedule throughout summer – we’ve been thoroughly impressed with the production so far of HIGH VIBRATIONS. With wonky deep bass curvature and a full range of synthesizer talent, FOLLOW THE VIBE has qualities that mimic other abstract trip artists, such as MeSo.

           This formation and production is a trip within itself, and without a doubt not produced for just any listener. To able to fully accept what LSDREAM has to offer, you mustn’t keep a closed mind or hold onto any chains of social normality – as the future of trippy bass and abstract EDM is anything but. Make sure togo stream HIGH VIBRATIONS to begin to understand what we’re talking about, and keep up with the cosmic waves that is LSDREAM on Instagram @lsdream – as well as us over at @engmtcent for more artist interviews, weekly playlists, and to understand what all the hype is about!


-       R.B.