A One of a Kind Vibe with a One of a Kind Voice

Oozing with confidence and swagger, Dallas R&B artist Kaash Paige is creating a lane of her very own

One name that shouldn't and in fact can't be overlooked in the soon to blow, underground scene is R&B singer Kaash Paige out of Dallas, Texas. Possessing everything it takes to one day be an icon in the game, she is starting to get involved with some major names, and deservingly so. Back in just September of 2019, she began her music journey, imagine that takeoff at 19 she's had to date; You start and before it's even been a year you're collabing with the likes of 6lack, 24kGoldn, Don Toliver, K Camp, Isaiah Rashad and recent riser to stardom 42 Dugg. You cannot deny this talented vocalist doesn’t deserve her hype, but it is insanely fast making it that much more spectacular of a story.

The release of Paige’s very own Happy Song, was the first showcase of her talents, and it's incredible. She tells Depression that she has a question, asking why it comes with "so much aggression." She switches topics leaving depression behind for the time, saying this is her happy song, but sometimes she get up in those feels and just wants to be left alone to reach her "all time high and do some shit her mom don’t condone." Paige claims she’s infatuated with twitter and lame hoes in her phone. She asks listeners to turn this on if you're sad or glad, just turn your headphones on and you’ll be in your zone. So put them on and say fuck the hates because their words will, never hurt you guys.

Skipping to her debut project, it was the bonus track entitled Love Songs that sold her largely across mainstream listeners. The track reached 87 million streams and is her most well known however there’s still others with millions, this is quite significant as it shows consistency and longevity across her entire catalog. Love Songs especially got so big it caught the attention of 6lack, the R&B/hip hop legend that can flow to either sound. The track in a sum has her singing how she miss her cocoa butter kisses cause her girl just hasn’t been the same so she asks who has been on your mind since she’s peeped a different vibe. As for Kaash and her love, this is the only person Kaash wants to put her arms around, so who’s been taking her love’s attention and time. Asking why she's vibing with someone else?

Damn near a rookie, Paige was also put on as a feature for Don Toliver’s breakthrough album. The second track off the lineup she collabs alongside Travis Scott, and not only does she take a verse, Paige takes what I would call the main chorus singing about sleeping alone by her phone waiting on friends that aren’t real trying to get the patience but she has no time. Saying how it’s funny they never care about the old you but it's okay cuz she’s gonna blow up just like she’s supposed to, and once that happens she’ll act like she don’t know you - Simple as that.

Kaash Paige is undoubtedly one of the most talented artists out right now, so make sure to follow her @kaashpaige on IG to go along for her ride to the top as well as following us @engmtcent on all social media platforms for more content! Be first not last.