A New Lucrative Experimental Producer Puts Mystery Back Into the Industry

Introducing Tripp St., the storyteller and master of their craft.

             In recent years, it’s become somewhat expected of each and every one of us to envelope a sense of creativity – derive an urging force to expand on what’s already known and composes a part of daily life. Maybe it’s the lack of surprise, the unhappiness of repetition, or even just the excitement of pushing boundaries, but it’s seen in all aspects of society, film, fashion, and most importantly – music. Bringing to light an artist who’s taken this given of humanity, then shifted it towards their sublime craft of experimental EDM, Tripp St.

           Over at Enigmatic Entertainment, we welcome and immerse ourselves in all forms of electric tracks, whether it be night bass, euro-trance, riddim and dubstep, or even happy hour house sets. However, like most, it’s difficult to place a time and setting for experimental artists aside from shows and festivals. As luck would have it, with major festivals releasing lineups and dates each and every week, we’ve found the perfect niche for Tripp St. – and it’s on your playlists.

           The large unknown still remains, who exactly is Tripp St.? With the release of a debut album Welcome toTripp St. on March 5th of 2021, fans and listeners have gained not only a sense of mystery surrounding the artist, but also entered the enigma of what their music truly is. Even the artist page on Spotify has been left blank, with the exception of one hashtag. #WhoTfIsTrippSt. An experienced ear to EDM is able to decipher the idea that this is most likely not a basement producer, due to honed sounds, synthesized breaks, and a perfected glitch sound. With closed eyes, you’d most likely assume you’re standing beneath the Spanish moss at The Spirit of Suwannee during a Hulaween Tipper set – which only adds to the mystery behind Tripp St. With the only featured track being shared on CloZee’s Neon Jungle Remixes album, it’s apparent that even the biggest names in experimental music may not be sure who this artist really is.

           Alike other headlining names, the each and every mysterious track appears to be leading listeners through a story, rather than pumping out two-and-a-half-minute dance tracks. We’re not complaining however, life’s more fun with a bit of mystery! Check up with Tripp St.’s newest releases and announcements on Twitter @Tripp_st, and with us over at Enigmatic for the newest releases, projects, and reveals each week!


-      R.B.