A Late Teen Cali Native Primed to Blow in 2020

The Recent Atlantic Records signee and talented young artist coming up quick

Bankrol Hayden, the trendy late teens rapper out of Modesto, California has been making nothing short of hits using his own unique Cali vibe meets pop infused hip-hop sound. There’s something special about his melodic vocals and the numbers to back it up too. At only 18, Hayden has been signed to Atlantic/Empire Records and if that isn’t proof this kid is a talented sensation, how about the fact his five singles he’s put out range from 3.8 million to over 40 million plays? The first song he released under the label entitled Costa Rica now sits at over 24 million streams alone, and as of a week ago features a remix with talented Aussie rapper The Kid LAROI.

Costa Rica swiping visas 17 but im gone be a millionaire,” is the first line we hear of Bankrol in 2020 on what’s a very catchy and upbeat summer-styled song, you can see why kids everywhere attach themselves to what’s bound to be an eventual radio hit in just the first twelve words. Reaching almost 24 million plays in just over two months, let's go back to the beginning and retrace our steps to his present day success.

In all honesty looking from the outside in, the start or come up wasn’t very tough either, at least it seems. And who can argue? With as special a voice as Bankrol has, and a good feel for how to maneuver on a beat maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise to music fans anywhere. His single 29 says God told him “we gone make it out eventually,” as Hayden’s been “standing tall but it’s been fucking with me (him) mentally.”

This song explains how yes he’s confident, and sure he’s gonna make it out of the pit he’s in, yet he’s nervous inside and not as sure as it may look from the perspective of another. This first track of unmasking demons and insecurities did exactly what Hayden said it would, numbers. Not long after he was signed and getting that advance came Sandlott and B.A.N.K.R.O.L which respectively didn’t pass five million streams or necessarily gain the mainstream hype he’s used to, but did get solid plays and displays Hayden’s knack and ability for creating quality music on a consistent basis.

Quickly there was a momentum shift though and although it's unclear what may have caused it, when Bankrol got on the song Brothers with Luh Kel, he flipped the switch again and this time for good. Brothers blew up fast as the song skyrocketed and hit 40 million plays deservingly. Hayden takes over the chorus and bars leading up to Luh Kel’s breakthrough singing rapping “it’s love for my brother no love for the bitches,” the girls tell Hayden his brothers are gonna change but he “ain’t gone listen.”

Bankrol says it's true she’s a “victim in playin” and he doesn’t care because she “did some shit” he can’t forget. This is a real song that gave him the boost he needed, and now back to date at just 18 years old, there’s surely nothing but more hits to come and a huge label to help with what will eventually be a debut project we’ll get sometime this year. Expect to see much more from Hayden this year and he continues the last phase of his come up.

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