A Dynamic Detroit-Duo Tearing up the Scene

Coming off an impressive debut collaboration, 300Ent's whiterosemoxie and dynamo producer Kaleb Waterman are primed to blow

Detroit’s rising star whiterosemoxie is as close to a sure thing as one can find these days. Especially if you enjoy artists with soulful deep rap like Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt. However the whiterose’s music isn’t as simple as just that, with instrumentals constantly changing along with his tone, the lyrics delivered, and more are always addressed in the best of ways.

Since his first release white gold dropped just over a year ago, whiterosemoxie has been going in and there’s no let up yet. Opening up this track, moxie spits over a soft piano and tough 808 singing “you can come through, just for the night though.” As the night goes on moxie has “lips right on my(his) neck, that feel like white gold,” which is where he realizes the work needs to be done for him to be able to cop more and real “white gold.” The song isn’t to diss on a girl, but goes on to further explain he’s just trying to get his money up and get to where he knows he can be as an artist. However we’re not here to talk about the old whiterose, let's appreciate what he’s been doing lately.

His newest project white ceilings is nothing short of an early career masterpiece, the credit has to be spread throughout all involved and we couldn’t not mention the incredible work producer Kaleb Waterman put into it. These are two incredible fresh to the industry artists that will have an impact at some point, not a matter of “if” but rather “when” their impact will be felt. The beats sound similar to an earlier Kanye West at the beginning of the 2010s decade. It’s easy to get blown away while sitting and appreciating the beats produced by Kaleb, really letting the amount of creativity, as well as work that went into just one track, sink in. Without the transitions between beats and speed up in pace and bass contributed from Kaleb, whiterosemoxie wouldn’t hit the amount of emotion on this project as he did.

The first takeaway track to mention from the project is indigo, a bonafide club hit. Moxie starts after a soft intro and as the snare begins to hit he sings “I just woke up in the stu(dio) off a eight.” As he begins to explain he’s with a “bad” girl he spent the night “fucked up,” then when he wakes up whiterosemoxie “left her alone, hit the pack and got paid,” we can tell he’s on a grind to the top with only his own dreams in sight.

west side boys too opens up with moxie singing nostalgically over soft production saying “Life goes a lil slower when you, Right there in ya winter coat and i just, Might stare while you roll that up, While you wrap my soul, Pullin up to ya crib like 10 past 4,”  as the young artist envisions himself when they were “fucking up as some westside boys,” allowing for a significant mood change. You can hear the change in mindset throughout, and the fact that whiterosemoxie can record old feelings and make a movie out of his words is something “underground rappers” (really most artists) often don’t possess at this stage of their careers, sometimes ever.

Since white ceilings, moxie has signed to 300 Entertainment, lining him up to make huge noise here in 2020 and beyond. This recent project has amazed labels collectively across the globe and given whiterosemoxie a permanent place to stay in the industry. Expect more from him and go follow @whiterosemoxie on Instagram as well as us @engmtcent for what’s next from this talented young artist!