2Chainz T.R.U. Label drops Collaborative Album 'No Face No Case'

2Chainz highlights and shows off the talent of his young up and comers off his label with new collaborative album entitled 'No Face No Case'

The Atlanta label T.R.U., headed by the timeless and legendary rapper 2Chainz himself, recently made a splash gifting us some new heat in the form of a collaborative album entitled No Face No Case. Featuing artists like 2 Chainz, Skooly, Sleepy Rose, Worl, Hott LockedN, NLE Choppa, Quavo, Quando Rondo, NoCap, and Bear1Boss, these are some true Atlanta stars with a variety of larger names that have national presence and others on the come up but a roster filled with real, legitimate talent.

On first listen, one of the songs I see potentially doing very well is Georgia with features from the likes of 2 Chainz and Sleepy Rose. The song’s narrative focuses in on a young man passionate enough to state he’s “tryna make it for my fool”. Meaning his success has more riding on it than just Sleepy Rose. Explaining he “can’t be falling off, I(Rose) can’t be falling for no hoe” Sleepy can’t invest time into a girl as he needs to instead be focusing on himself and making it. All with a happy tone as he’s singing “I was born in Georgia” rather than reflecting negative on a bad situation, this song is much more of a it is what you make it, inspirational track. The ending makes for poetry in motion too 2 Chainz chimes in stating he’s  “from where the rent kinda low, where you sleep on the floor” and talks about his rough upbringing from Atlanta as well.

This album overall does an amazing job of keeping listeners on their toes with an inconsistent sound, in other words, keeping the fans surprised as to what they’ll hear next from track to track.  From Pop Off to Shoot it Out, the tone and beat are drastically different, while still portraying a straight forward message and that classic Atlanta sound that we’ve all come to know and love. Skooly touches on Pop Off by himself, as the song talks of “bad bitches standing all around” Skooly and then cuts to the chorus. On the contrary, Shoot it Out featuring Sleepy Rose, 2 Chainz, Worl and Hott LockedN starts with “automatic stick we can shoot it out” and talks of more violence and reality of what Atlanta can really be like.

I don’t expect huge numbers off of this album as it’s just one to show and put your friends on if you want to listen to “T.R.U.”, meaningful rap music. This album is one to brag about for true hip-hop heads. And above all, is a great way to get ahead of the game on learning about who’s really up next in the Atlanta rap scene. Not to mention it’s just the beginning of 2 Chainz Atlanta label as we expect to hear more from the group very soon.

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