19 Year Old Rapper Creates Turbulence in South Carolina

Have we found the new king of the Carolinas?

South Carolina’s new voice, 18veno, can do it all. Staring just this last July, he released
B.B. Simon Belt. 18 is really coming out the gate like no one else, reaching over 12 thousand
plays like that *snaps*. 18’s a hard rapper whom has the potential to be compared to a better
version of NLE Choppa, sliding over crazier beats and making even better hooks. 
In literally less than a month, he snapped and gave fans a whole EP. Clearly, he either
has a lot saved up or can really just create hit level songs at a rapid pace. With absolutely no
features, he passed 20 thousand followers and over 41 thousand monthly listeners. Everybody
wants to hear about the first track off the EP, called 1942. On the track he spits about cooling,
vibing, I been smoking, I been drinking to, going in to asking his plug whoa there buddy where
you going? Saying if someone tries to front him, he’ll bring that bitch back. This is where you
can tell he’s grabbed listeners attention - getting all the fans to bob and stay locked for the hook
to come back around. A simple “get turnt” song that is his breakthrough showing he has
potential with the mainstream.

Every single release has been comparable and could easily sit up there with the
billboard hits. The EP, R4z, has nothing short of slaps, from track one which really popped off to
Partments, which didn’t get a fraction of the credit it deserved. He opens rapping I just jumped
out that mother fucking UFO… dripping from his head to toe - Talking about being posted in
apartments, hailing from robbing, for some $5 meal’s when he was starving. 
Jumping back to August, he dropped his best track to date. Slugs is over a softer beat
that sways back and forth with perfectly spaced 808’s. Telling his fans to Turn him up, but he
warns when you do you can’t turn Veno down. Telling a story, Veno makes you picture him
walking into a show saying cut the lights out. He also talks on making bail and getting arrested
on the same shit. However, the track gives the vibe Veno’s on his way out making music at this
level. He was taught to never love no hoe, so if you’re looking to be in your feels, look
somewhere else. If you want to get lit, put on no one other than 18Veno.
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