Generation Z Rapper from Prince George County Reveals the Blueprint of Society

Although young, redveil's intense lyricism and hatred of societal guidelines proves that he's obtained the truths of the industry.

Hailing from Prince George’s county, Maryland, one 16 year old appears to have the industry all figured out. A few miles outside Washington D.C., the young talent began perfecting his craft at just 12 and when July 12th, 2019 came around he decided it’s time to show what he’s got. Now with almost two years under his belt and a long list of solid singles - redveil is pressing the gas with his first album, Niagara. The album did some insane numbers for a debut and sheds light on old school beats that feel similar to that of Dreamville. Campbell is redveil’s biggest track yet, by popping creative lyricism off over some vintage vocal loops. This isn’t some traditional 808 infused beat, oh no, he makes listening easy for those who appreciate old Tyler The Creator and J. Cole type melodies. Maintaining a steady easy flow, rapping how they going to get it someday, making sure to go out spending it because he’ll make it back.  Weight is a bit more exciting, with his voice shadowing itself over a vocal beat and some heavier 808’s. Maintaining the old school vibe, redveil shows he can change it up, but at the same time consistently hold his style. redveil keeps telling himself I don’t feel the weight, attempting to keep the pressure of society and the totality of life, off his back. Keeping his positive mindset - redveil reflects on how he made it out with the blood on his face. He quotes how he shed every tear he already can weep... so he’s just learning to be blind and turn an eye towards all the weight on his back.

redveil is a whole new vibe, check him out @whyredveil and check us out @engmtcent for more content!